Slutty Lenna Lux Swallows Her StepBro’s Load

Oh the nerve of Connor and Lenna Lux. The two are so horny that they get it on in the kitchen while Connor has a conversation with his mom about Lenna. Of course the poor man doesn’t know his naughty little step sister is about to orally service him under the counter but as this video from shows, he doesn’t fight it when it happens. Instead, he struggles to maintain a straight face throughout the convo. What the horny duo doesn’t know is that their mom is also getting eaten out on the other side of the counter! Now that’s what you call a plot twist!

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As soon as Connor wraps his conversation up with his mom, he rushes to the bedroom with Lenna Lux where their oral transaction continues. Its a one way transaction with the cock-obsessed teen cutie slobbering all over her step brother’s long dick. Then she bends over and flaunts her juicy pussy in his face while casually throwing him a cum-fuck-me look. Her ass wiggling is what completely lures him in and soon enough, he’s dipping his hard dong in her wet kitty.

Lenna Lux is a sucker for a slow but deep fuck and her step brother knows this which is why he takes his time. Each thrust hits her sweet spots and makes her moan and Connor is so good at fucking her just right that he makes her cream all over his big dick. Then he whips it out of her pussy and crams it into her mouth giving her a taste of herself. Now its her turn to make him moan and she does just that! More fast sucking later and Connor rewards his slutty step-sister with a mouthful of cum.

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