Natalie Monroe: Cum In My Mouth StepBro

For most people, rainy days call for hot chocolate and netflix. For Natalie Monroe, being stuck indoors because of bad weather means she gets to hook up with her step brother and drink his jizz. The sexy brunette is supposed to be out roller skating with some friends but the nasty weather cancels out those plans. She’s bored out of her mind and contemplating what to do when in walks her stepbro. He joins her on the couch and the two engage in some small talk. They’re both looking for something to do to pass the time. Suddenly Natalie has a kinky idea.

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Her hand latches onto her step brother’s dick. This move catches him off guard. He knows this isn’t something they’re supposed to be doing. But, he doesn’t push her away. The hot stud glances around nervously to confirm that no one is watching them and then he slides out of his pants. His dick springs to life the second Natalie Monroe strokes it and when she lowers her mouth down to the throbbing head, the whole shaft stands at attention. The taboo blowjob gets the two step siblings even hornier so they decide to take things to the next level.

For Natalie Monroe, that means getting on all fours and bending over so her lucky step brother can thrust into her from the back. This petite cutie likes doggystyle because it gives her a chance to wiggle her ass as she backs into her stepbro’s dick. He’s ready to cum and she’s ready to catch his nut anywhere on her body. She takes his dick from her pussy to her mouth and sucks him hard until he nuts in her mouth! Does she swallow? Of course she does! A mouthful of creamy jizz beats hot chocolate any rainy day.

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