Hope Harper and Alyssa Hart : Happy Birthday Step Daddy

We all get one day a year that’s exclusively about us. That day is our birthday. Its our one day to turn up and wild out with mostly no consequences. For Mr. Nelson, turning up means banging the shit out of his two step daughters. He doesn’t go after them by the way, the ballsy chicks sneak into his bed and offer to blow his candle for him. Of course Hope Harper and Alyssa Hart have zero interest in birthday candles you buy from the store but they’re eager to get their hands on the thick candle in between their step daddy’s legs.

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Hope Harper literally blows the lucky birthday man’s cock. That certainly gets his attention. As jolts fire through his crotch, Mr. Nelson braces for what’s coming next. He doesn’t know what his stepdaughters have in mind but he knows its going to be really good. What they want to do is fuck him, at the same time. Is this acceptable? Hell no, its taboo as heck but its his birthday and anything goes. Besides, this little rendezvous will be their little secret. What happens in this bed stays in these four walls.

When Hope is done blowing her step father, Alyssa Hart climbs on top of him and rides him hard while her sister sits on his face. Then they switch positions and Alyssa gives the old man a taste of himself by sinking her pussy down on his face as Hope rides him. He then gets to bend them both over and fuck them hard before ordering them to their knees where he baptizes them with his jizz. Not a shabby way to celebrate a birthday and certainly not a shabby performance from an older man up against two much younger babes!

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