Dani Dare and Lenna Lux Keep It In The Family With Four Way Fuck

A family that plays together, stays together. Those are the words Dani Dare utters after getting her back blown out by her step sons along with her own daughter. This taboo hardcore foursome happens in the newest video at and trust me, its unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’ll also have you looking at your step mom and step siblings in a whole different light! But it all starts off rather innocently with a confession from Lenna Lux that she’s been getting dicked down by her own stepbrother.

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Step Mom and Daughter fucking

That confession shatters her mom’s world but not in the way you think. She isn’t mad that her daughter is getting laid, Dani Dare is pissed because Lenna Lux isn’t sharing the dick with her! In their family, sharing is encouraged because as cliche as it sounds – sharing really is caring. So, the older blonde summons her two step sons into the room and then orders them to get naked so the ladies can suck them off. If they think sucking is all the ladies have in mind, they’re in for a huge surprise.

As soon as the ladies are done wetting the cocks with their mouths, Lenna Lux hops on one and Dani Dare sinks her pussy on the other one. They moan rather loudly as they ride the lucky dudes and then mom and daughter switch partners mid fuck, giving each other a chance to get a taste of the other dick. The scene in this room is surreal and it breaks all kinds of taboos because the stepmom has no business fucking her stepsons and they in turn have no business fucking their little stepsister. And yet, all four tear into each other with reckless abandon! Make sure you stick around for the end of this HD step family fucking video to see the mom and daughter team sharing two loads.

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