Angelica Cruz: BBC Fantasy with super hung step daddy

Go big or go home. That’s a mantra Angelica Cruz subscribes to when it comes to all areas of her life – even sex. Its no wonder then that even her fantasies are dominated by bid dicked men. Well, one man in particular and its the one person she has no business fantasizing about. He’s her stepdaddy but she can’t help but notice the way his huge dick swings in his pants as he walks around the house. The older man doesn’t know it but this Dominican princess has set her eyes on him. She wants him deep inside her so bad that she can’t concentrate on anything at all!

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Angelica Cruz day dreams about having her stepdad go balls deep inside her mouth. She’s a tiny girl compared to him but a hundred bucks says she can hold her own in a one on one situation. The sexy babe closes her eyes and dreams about what it would feel like to taste every inch of her step father’s big black cock. She savors the tip of his monster prick before trying to cram as much of it as she possibly can deep inside her warm, wet mouth. Sucking the BBC feels really good but Angelica desperately wants it in a different hole on her body.

That hole is the one in between her legs. Its wetter than a small lake and when the older man shoves a finger inside Angelica Cruz’s pussy, it gushes like the source of the river Nile. This is when he knows she’s ready for his gigantic member. He bends her over and eases himself into her and then takes her on a ride she’s never forget. Too bad it’s all a fantasy. But maybe Angelica can turn it into reality…

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