Slutty Joseline Kelly Fucks Her StepBrother

Welcome to the Joseline Kelly show. The slutty brunette is on a mission to fuck her stepbrother and no one will get in the way of that. She calls her friend to reveal her plans and when the friend tries to talk her out of it, Joseline tells her to fuck off and hangs up on her. Then she summons her stepbro to her room under the guise of getting his two cents about her new mattress. He doesn’t suspect that she wants him to test drive the mattress – with her of all people! She’s his step sister for goodness sake so fucking her isn’t on his radar – until she ties him to the bed and mounts him.

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Then all bets are off. The taboo hookup starts with Joseline Kelly licking her step brother’s big dick while hurriedly pulling off his pants and boxers. She can’t believe just how big his dick is and she especially can’t wait to cram it in her mouth. Her tongue and hands travel down to his balls and when she comes back up, this horny babe gobbles up her lucky step sibling’s huge prick. She gets it so hard with just her sucking and stroking and when its standing at maximum height, Joseline undresses and climbs on top of her stepbro.

Her first instinct is to fuck him in reverse cowgirl, so with her back turned to him, she lowers her pussy down on his erect boner and moans as it pierces into her wet cunt. Its a huge dick so there’s no guarantee that she can take it all but slowly but surely her hole widens to accommodate every single inch. Joseline Kelly isn’t just a moaner, she’s a screamer. She screams when she’s on top and she screams even more as her stepbrother fucks her from behind. Her loudest scream though is saved for when he pulls out of her and shoots his load all across her naked body and all over her face!

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