Aubrey Gold And Her Step Brother Break In Their Parents’ New Bed

The best part about getting a new bed is initiating it. Even better is if the bed belongs to your own parents. There’s nothing naughtier than getting to fuck in their new bed before they do! Aubrey Gold knows this which is why she drags her hung step brother into their parents’ bedroom for a quick fuck. She wants to break in their bed for them and who better to do it with than her own step sibling? Thankfully, he’s as horny as her and down for the deed. He pulls off his pants and thrusts his dong in her face.

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No instructions are needed. Aubrey Gold knows whats expected of her. She opens her mouth wide and swallows her stepbro’s dick in spectacular fashion. It’s almost hypnotizing to watch her go ham on his throbbing thick rod. She licks it up and down and deepthroats it much to his delight. But he wants to bury his rod in between the petite babe’s legs even more than he desires her mouth. So when she’s had her fill of his dick orally, the lucky step brother moves Audrey further onto the bed and then gets behind her in the sideways position.

He knows this is his best bet to hit all her sweet spots and his intuition proves right when a moan escapes from her lips as soon as he enters her. If getting fucked sideways is how Aubrey Gold hoped to initiate the new bed, she gets that and then some. Her step brother pulls back her long legs and pumps into her so hard that she cries out in ecstasy. The taboo hookup gets even more intense when he moves from behind her to right in front of her. He pins the teen’s legs to her sides and fucks her so hard before pulling out and shooting his load all over her face and the new bedding!

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