Adopted Sister Channel Lee Gets Initiated Into Brad’s Family

Every family has got traditions that set it apart from everyone else. For Brad’s family, an initiation is required in order to be recognized as one of them. His parents decide to adopt a Channel Lee, a cute Asian broad, and then send her off with Brad to a hotel for a weekend. The goal of the weekend is for the two to get to know each other. What the horny lad’s parents don’t know is that Asian pussy is on his fuck bucket list and as soon as he lays eyes on his new adopted sister, he knows it’s going down.

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Not that Channel Lee minds one bit. She’s used to guys fawning over her. She does think this initiation tradition is very unconventional but she’s horny as well so why the hell not? Channel literally has nothing to lose so when Brad pulls his big cock out of his pants, the tiny Asian cutie leans forward and surprises him with her cock sucking skills. His eyes bulge as she swallows his whole dick. This isn’t what he was expecting from his sweet-looking new sister.

But Channel Lee has got even more exciting tricks under her sleeve. She bends over right against the window and spreads her legs so her new brother can enter her from behind. This exhibitionist side of her catches Brad by surprise but he follows her lead. If anyone is watching from outside, they certainly get a great show! With the window conquered, the siblings move to the bed where Brad fucks Channel in multiple positions before pinning her down on the white sheets for his grand finale. She waits anxiously and he doesn’t disappoint. As she squirms on the bed, Brad cums inside her and then squirts even more jizz all over her shaved cunt. Welcome to the family Channel!

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